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We allow assholes to vote
Do you have a cite somewhere in the law that supports this.
I do, just as soon as you explain the difference between a citizen (not a naturalized citizen) and a natural born citizen.
In common vernacular "citizen" is simply all encompassing. I means both natural born and naturalized and any other kind of citizen you can think off ??
2 questions:
Why does the Constitution not use simply citizen for both President and Congressperson?
Why do we have a 14th Amendment and what does it say about Pedro?
1. beats me !
2. I think it says Pedro enjoys equal protection of the laws.

Was the 14th amendment meant to be the citation that you promised ?
Anchor babies are merely citizens, not natural born citizens.
Before I cite anything, I just want to make sure I understand you correctly. You believe there is absolutely no difference in the Constitution between a citizen and a 'natural born citizen'. If not, tell me what the difference is.
A citizen is not necessarily born in the US or is born in the US of foreign nationals doing official business. Embassy workers would be an example.
The question was, do you think a 'natural born citizen' and a citizen are exactly the same thing with no difference between them.
What is this game you are playing ? Do you have a cite in US code or not.
You are the one playing games. Just tell me, yes or no, do you believe a citizen and a natural born citizen are the same thing. Very simple. If you say no, what do you believe is the difference. I'm not gonna argue the point until I know what you think.

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