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We allow assholes to vote
Can't understand why felons shouldn't.
You think the Boston Marathon Bomber should be allowed to vote? That's one pretty big asshole.
Yes , if he we’re otherwise eligible
In my opinion, any asshole living off the government shouldn't be allowed to vote.
That would be all of us. We all enjoy the fruits of this great country provided by our benevolent tax payers.
Tax payers only provide money under threat of force against them - that does not make them benevolent - it makes them slaves.
Yep. Voluntary subjugation, the paradox of all free societies.

But back to my point. We are all "takers". Folks tend to rate their own worthiness at the top. But nonetheless, we are all products of the nanny state.
Again, it is not voluntary, it is under threat of force.
We expressly give our duly elected leaders permission to raise revenue as they see fit within the constructs of the constitution. No serious candidate has advocated for voluntary taxation. So we now exactly what's going on when we enter the voting booth. I guess 100% of the voters are masochists. We like being forced into servitude.

Kinda how a Constitutional Republic works.

The problem is not taxation, It's that everybody wants the government to give them stuff.
That is not how a Constitutional Republic works - as decreed by our Constitution.
And, if you think Joe SixPack thinks he should be robbed and Amazon should pay zero taxes, you are crazy.

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