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Obsolete Saying?
"Boys will be boys"?
I don't think so.

But it seems that the attempt to stop referring to rape and sexual harassment as "boys will be boys" is a good thing.

It does bother me that the "me tooers" do not allow for forgiveness and redemption.
You mean by banning "Baby, It's Cold Outside" from airplay because it is a song about a rapist? The World has gone crazy. Include me out.
The song is not banned. The song is still being played. My guess is that it's being played more than ever because of the controversy.

I will agree that the World has gone crazy. Religious/pagan rituals tend to make people crazy. Just insist on wishing strangers a Merry Christmas, especially if you think it offends them.

BTW, do you know anybody that would be offended by being wished a Merry Christmas ? Me neither. Don't think such an individual exists. It seems that we worry more about the "War on Christmas" more than the other wars we're in combined.
Thank you for pointing out that I used the wrong word -'BANNED' I hate when I do that. But you are correct, the song is not banned but it isn't being played on certain radio stations.

Again, you are correct, I know no one who is offended by the salutation, 'Merry Christmas'. However, you will be hard-pressed to find any media, TV, Radio, or print that uses it. It is "Happy Holidays. They are too afraid someone might be offended, while offending most of us.
Saying something to purposely offend someone, offends me.
I have never heard anyone say 'Merry Christmas' to purposely offend anyone. Have you?
Just the threats to do so. So, I'm assuming they did. My wife's facebook feed is loaded with that crap.
Someone actually said, "I'm going to say Merry Christmas to you just to offend you." That would be quite a heads-up warning.
Pretty much. Only in the form of cute memes on social media. Don't think any of them have the guts to warn them in person.

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