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Go ahead, say his name Rand !
I generally don't watch youtubes, You are always free to summarize the important points. Or find a source where I don't have to sit waiting for a talking head to get to the point.

I'm not trashing Ron Paul, at least not now. But he is not a news source. I'm not asking to search CNN or Huffpo, but ya got anything that's not from a conspiracy hobbyist ?.
Are you suggesting that legitimate CIA, NSA, etc., sources are fake news? It shouldn't be difficult to find info on Brennan's Task Force from real news sources. You would have to change the channel from MSNBC, though.
Haven't found anything yet. I've looked. Only hoaxters and conspiracy sources.
That's alright. ABC didn't wanna say anything about Epstein - that must have been a conspiracy theory; and, NBC forgot to say anything about Weinstein because there was nothing there. So all the other reports must be false about what these perverts did are fake news. Gawd, what an idiot!
Nice try. I have never made any claims on those two slugs. Epstein and Weinstein are well documented across all new sources, nobody needed to turn over rocks searching for a singular slug to validate their personal narrative.
Well documented? Are you nutz? There was just a scandal at ABC how Robach's investigation into Epstein got pulled and all the MSM are perpetuating a coverup, at least in part because of Clinton and the prince and the Palace..
Then there is the bullshit at NBC with Andy Lack and Oppenheimer covering for Weinstein at NBC.
All the MSM are covering up and concealing information. These are your 'reliable sources' - everyone else, including Ron Paul, RT, Kim Iversen, Larry Johnson, Philip Giraldi, Project Veritas are conspiracy nuts. This is why you are completely in the dark about EVERYTHING.
Robach was all of the place once it was found out. You didn't have search under rocks for it.
And who found it under the rocks and exposed it? PROJECT VERITAS!!!!!

I just figured out who you model yourself and your comments on - Joy Behar, that blockhead on 'The View'.
It was an ABC employee. The only videos project veritas produces are blurry depictions of knees and crotches . I don't know who this Joy Behar is, but it sounds like I might like her.
From NPR:

Quote:A newly surfaced video of an ABC News anchor's unguarded remarks about the network's coverage of the late Jeffrey Epstein has thrown ABC on the defensive.

In a leaked video posted Tuesday by the right-wing activist group Project Veritas, news anchor Amy Robach expresses her frustration to a colleague over ABC's failure to broadcast her interview with a key accuser of Epstein.
Like I said, yer a regular Joy Behar (from The View)

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