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Whistle Blower Requirement
He was and he wasn't.

You may have missed the subsequent post.
Quit being wishy-washy.
(10-01-2019, 01:16 PM)k.d. Wrote: Quit being wishy-washy.
Quit being deliberatively obtuse.
Do you know what obtuse means? It doesn't appear that you do.
I know what is means and it seems to fit here.
I am perceptive enough to know that their is a difference between a CIA gossip/rumor who wishes a Deep State coup of the president and an actual Whistleblower like Manning or Snowden who wishes to reveal secrets of illegality by the government to the people.
Some may say a quid pro quo agreement with another government to collect dirt on a political opponent is also illegal
That did not happen. Delve into this story more deeply.
That's what's alleged.
These are the same pathological Trump haters that haven't gotten over the fact that Hillary lost and alleged there was something to Russia-gate; yet it was Hillary who paid for the phony Steele dossier. This is another nothing burger that is gonna end Biden's campaign.

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