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proud to be white
No invasion? Check the news, buddy boy.
You should pay attention to demographics, also. Currently, California is 38.4% white and Hispanics are 38.1% this does not include Blacks and Asians. This means in California whites are already a minority. Same for Texas. Houston, "we have a problem."
Changes in demographics have little to do with your "invasions". Demographics have been changing since our founding. It is inevitable in a free society. It is totally illogical to fear that. Yes, we have been getting browner for a long, long time. It has accelerated lately, mostly because the "pure bred" white folks apparently don't screw as much as the others.
Yeah, the demographics changed in our early years because it was Scots/Irish coming, Germans coming, Polish coming, Italians coming over - ALL Europeans - not Somalians, Kenyans, and Ugandans.
We need another WHITE Baby Boom.
You picked the wrong non pure people to denigrate. With the exception of the very recent Somalian refugee settlements, those folks wipe our white asses in pro rata productivity.

Yes, you will only be saved by a white baby boom. Best find yerself a white women and get busy. I would recommend a dna test just to be sure she's pure.
I've been married to a Mexican woman for nearly 40 years and don't need another woman - white or non-white.
Our children are half-breeds. LOL
Congratulations on your 40 years of marital (presumably) bliss. There is no doubt your lovely wife is a saint.
Quote:There is no doubt your lovely wife is a saint.

That is one of the few things you've gotten right in years. LOL!

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