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White Supremacy a hoax ?
No. But I've met a lot of white bigoted assholes and see a lot on TV and on the internet. But, as I said, It's hard to "supreme" if yer not superior to anything.
All the bigots and racists I see are black.
I see them too, but where does it get them ?
When the white trash speaks, people (most importantly the President) listens and acts.

The distinction is pretty significant.
White trash? What? Are you part of the 'Replacement' crowd?
I think mine all of in the same subset.

But I would add this to the replacements in the article:

From Immigration to:
Illegal Immigration to:
Refugees to:
Mexicans to:
Central Americans AKA Mexicans to:
Muslims to:
Jews to:
Demographic changes to:
Somalians AKA Muslims to:
Democrats to:
Barack Obama AKA Muslim to:
Demographics hysteria back to:
Immigration and repeat.
You must need new glasses because you can't see what is right in front of you.
Setting the record straight

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