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Persecution of Whites Begins
Everything you mentioned was shit in the Communist Manifesto.

You should probably move to Cuba where they have all that 'free' stuff.
The communists and neo-patriots have one thing is common. They are both is against civil rights.
It is collectivism v. Individualism. You and your type are a bunch of totalitarian collectivists. No patriot wants any part of that crap.
That is bullshit as pure as can be. The neo-patriot sheep flock love their welfare, regulations and big government.
Does that really sound like Ron Paul to you?
Ron Paul's a patriot ??
Absolutely, a defender of the Constitution, Individual Liberty, True Free Markets and is against socialism and corporatism that is ruining our country.
Would he compare to the fine patriots you began this thread about ?

I agree that Paul is everything you say, which despite his baggage, is admirable. It sucks for him that we are not still in the 1800s.

Today, he would fit right in with the "squad" . All 5 hold views that be ruinous to our country at this juncture in our history. In that respect, according to Trump patriots, Paul would not be a patriot.
Quote:Today, he would fit right in with the "squad"
You have fallen off your rocker.

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