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No Bombs, Yet ?
Finally did something good for the country when Trump decided not to bomb Iran. However, I'm not sure if his masters (Saudi Arabia and Israel) will let that stand. In addition, I don't think Trump would have started this war if he didn't want an armed conflict.

I'm not holding my breath.

Plus it's election time and I don't think his base has any great aversion to wars. Iran calls us bad names, what more reason do we need to attack ?
It certainly isn't HIS base that is running Tulsi through the mud. In case you didn't realize it yet, your party are just as much warmongers as Bolton and Pompeo.
I doubt most of his base has ever heard of Gabbard.

Gabbard is not yet worthy of comment by the other candidates. I hardly think she is being drawn through the mud for her anti intervention views.

Bolton and Pompeo are Trump. This new war is Trumps. Can't blame this one on anybody else, certainly not Obama.
I don't see any Democrats opposing Trump on this.
I think most opposed breaking the treaty which was effectively the start of the war.
I think most oppose the massive arms sale to Saudi Arabia which, aside from the Yemen invasion, is meant for the Iran war.
Not the issue.
How many Ds are bought off by Jews and Saudis. They want war with Iran. Too many D Jews in Congress anyway.
I assume plenty of D's are owned by Israel, not so sure about Saudi Arabia.

Iran is Trump's war. If not it should be pretty easy to get the Dems in Congress to sign off.

For what amounted to be a peace treaty with Iran was supported by the Dems.

Dems are warmongers for sure.
The House belongs to the Ds. If they didn't want Trump to war, they could stop him. They stop him for all the other good ideas he has. Too bad all they care about is impeachment and the non-existent Russiagate.
That's the way it is supposed to be. But Presidents often bomb without congressional approval.

If not starting WW3 yet is a good idea, then I'll give Trump credit. Aside from that I can't think of any of his good ideas. His stimulus would have been a good idea had he not simultaneously brought on massive debt and deficits.

I'm sick and tired about this impeachment and Mueller probe crap. But Trump is complicit and could easily make this go away.
What part of "no collusion" in Russiagate don't you understand? It is pretty damn difficult to be complicit with no collusion.

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