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Is it a life or isn't it ?
If your post was meant to be serious, I think you are getting ahead of yourself. But I would agree had we been talking about "persons". I do think that at some point we can view a fetus as a "person". But 6 or 8 weeks ? that's just simply retarded. I, like everybody else, has no idea when a fetus becomes a person. If I were to make a guess, I would say somewhere in the vicinity of viability, such as it is.

Abortion, like guns and religion makes people crazy. No honest debate can be had. We have to rely on, and request, government intrusion to solve our problems.

Now back to the original question... What makes "lives" conceived through rape and incest an exception ?
I already answered that. It's the difference between voluntary and involuntary pregnancy.
Yes, you did state that obvious fact.

But does that distinction make one child more or less innocent or worthy to live than the other ?

Would one of those abortions NOT be murder ?
Depends on how it is codified.
In your opinion.

I just want to know if your were being genuine about your "beating heart" argument.
In the case of rape a normal person would take preventative measures before there was a beating heart. Hopefully a girl who was a victim of incest would do the same, or at least find help.
I am fully onboard with any preventative measures that will prevent an unwanted pregnancy. That there are abortions in the 21st century is ridiculous and pathetic.

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