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We allow assholes to vote
good grief !

I was waiting for the moldy oldy English common law, law of nations , and inherited allegiance tale to come about.

It's not our law. Even the two justices said we needed to go elsewhere other than the constitution to figure what , if anything "natural born citizen" means. The suggestion by your conspiracy buff blogger that the answer lies in ancient European usage is ridiculous.

You said it was in the constitution, where ?
A natural born citizen is understood in common law, that is why there was no definition needed in the Constitution.
After 6 pages of this bullshit you haven't been able to come up with any difference between citizen and NBC. You have zero credibility on the the matter.
It seems you can't consider the fact that a president would be held to a higher standard than a congressman.
Common law, whatever people wish it to be, is not codified.

I have many times told you the difference. A NBC is born on American soil.

Whether or not a President should be held to a different citizenship standard than a congressman is totally irrelevant.

Words are words, wishes are wishes. Fact are facts.

Obama was President. There was never a constitutional issue.
Quote:Common law, whatever people wish it to be, is not codified.

Do you see the word 'law' in there? It is precedent not codification. Gawd, what a lame brain.

Quote:I have many times told you the difference. A NBC is born on American soil.

This the first I've heard of it. But it certainly shows your ignorance on this subject. The 14th amendment gave birthright status not NBC. Read the gawddamn amendment.
 John McCain was born in Panama and was a NBC because his parents were NBC.
I'm done arguing with a fucking head of cabbage.
You asked me what NBC meant, right ?

The 14th amendment makes no mention of NBC.

Yes, parentage does matter when you are not born on American soil. Otherwise not so much. Sorry, it is the law of the land.
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.

Of course it doesn't mention being a NBC, because you aren't just because you are born here - you are merely a citizen.
WTF is so hard to understand that you must be born of NBC. That is why that anchor baby Pedro can never be president. Jesus Christ, it is enough to make one want to pull out their hair trying to explain shit to a lame brain.
NBC is not what you claim/wish. If you could provide anything other than musings of a blogger, it would help. Here is something from Harvard Law Review that might help:

Do you realized that some people might think you a notch below Trump on the dipshit meter. Even Trump would be embarrassed to make your claims.
That article is wrong besides contradicting itself.

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