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We allow assholes to vote
It can't be "common" sense if it doesn't make "any" sense.
The moment Obama came out of the birth canal he was a citizen of Kenya. Explain how he could possibly have been a 'natural born American' and a Kenyan.. That was a rhetorical question because obviously he couldn't.
You are born on American soil. You are a natural born American citizen. Logically, morally, whimsically, dogmatically and most importantly: legally. That book has been closed long ago.
What you are saying is there is no difference between a 'citizen' and a 'natural born citizen". That there is no higher standard between the two. Because a majority of people believe Obama was eligible to be president, that he was president, does not make it true.
There is natural born (you, me, Obama) and naturalized citizens.

It's more than a majority, EVERYBODY knows that Obama was eligible to be president (at least those who don't have a nefarious agenda).
According to the Constitution a congressman or senator must be a 'citizen', yet, to be president you must be a 'natural born citizen'. Are you saying they are the same thing? If yes, explain why the difference in wording. and what the actual difference is.
They are not the same. Natural born means simply born in the US. Obama was born in the US.

"Naturalized" means you were not born in the US and have to jump through hoops to become a citizen.
Naturalized and natural born are not the same thing. The question is the difference between natural born citizen and citizen not naturalized citizen.
You are saying that Juan and a pregnant Juanita crossed over from Mexico yesterday and baby Pedro pops out today and is born here that he is a natural born citizen because he is born here and Pedro can grow up to be president.
Pedro is a natural born citizen and can be President, at least for now. It's a fact, sorry !
You simply wrong. Pedro, under no circumstances, will ever be considered a natural born citizen.

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