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Reconsider Roe v Wade
Quote:1. I might hate abortion as much as anybody yet I think under certain circumstances it should legal, safe and unhindered by third part.

Okay, but today abortion is LEGAL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
You hypocrisy is not recognizing that fetal homicide and abortion are both murder.
I could consider a ban on the so called (post viability) abortion. At least those which are not health related. Those are rare.

Abortion can be considered murder, I suppose, in rare circumstances. But to consider all abortion murder is advocating for tyranical government control over other people's bodies.
The government has no control over morals and what is right or wrong. They just think they do, they like to play God.
'Viable' is just a word used to justify evil. It tries to justify snuffing out the 'soon-to-be' viable.
I agree, but petitioning the gov't to control morals is precisely what you want in this instance. Abortion is a "control" issue. I don't believe women are inheritantly evil.

A fertilized egg has a very remote chance of become "viable"
Abortion is a murder issue not a control issue and I haven't heard of anyone aborting eggs.
"plan b" or "morning after" birth control pill is considered abortion. Calling these murders is why abortion can not be discussed
Who considers the 'morning after pill' an abortion? I think you are making stuff up now.
Unfortunately I am not making this up.
Then give me a source. I've never heard of any protests over that. Also, I don't know how one could consider that an abortion.
Go to any so called evangelical type website. Pro life protesters, not unlike antifa, don't clearly know what they are protesting.

Why wouldn't anybody consider snuffing out the very beginning of life as an abortion.

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