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Monday Goad:Hatred of Whites
Well, they know that Mexican reproduce more than whites. And they know they will be overrun by illegals and taxed to death for their welfare if it isn't stopped. They have already seen an uptick of colonias where the piled up garbage breeds disease, infestations of rats, javelinas and feral animals. I've seen it. It is disturbing as hell. They don't want more of that outside their towns.
They should address the trash. We all have trash, sounds like a local issue.

The schtick about taxes and welfare is never ending and never a crisis , yet. It's too bad that the Trump tax cuts didn't make to the red states.
Colonias are outside of public services. They have no water or sewers or electric/gas. When I was spending time down there, there were an estimated 2,300 of them in Texas. The family says now they are popping up more and more. This is not a good thing for legals or illegals.
I would agree that these need to be dealt with.

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