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Ever's Double Digit Raises
Evers didn’t say anything on the campaign trail about raising cabinet member salaries by more than 20 percent.
Didn't need to. His departmental budgets had already been established prior to him taking office. He can't change those without going through the legislative process. The budget is the budget. The implication that Evers is pissing away any more money than his predecessors in this regard is false. There's nothing here.
Do you have a source for that?
Yes. Me.
Sorry, not good enough.
Here you go !
Come on, man. Present the pertinent sections. I'm not going to go digging through entire documents to find your supposed defense of a guy who is going to screw up WI.
Well, I can't find a rebuttal from CNN, Fox, Taki or NYT so we have to be a little analytic.

Look up the definition of Biennium and Budget. Then look up the date for which the biennium in Wisconsin begins and ends. Then look up the constitutional authorities of the governor and legislature as it relates to budget development.

Or listen to me. I know. Can't say that 40+ years in state government got me much, but it did give me an understanding of the banality of such matters.
From my link:
State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo questioned the hefty salary bumps in the executive branch. The West Allis Republican said the increases were “unheard of” but not surprising coming from a governor who has already proposed billions of dollars in additional spending in advance of his biennial budget plan, expected to be released later this week.  

“It’s just emblematic of what I expect to see coming out in the budget Thursday,” Sanfelippo said. “(The governor) has no regard for how hard taxpayers have to work and he’s proving it by just throwing money around left and right.”

So why did this guy seemed surprised, or not, with the salary increases?
Additionally in the article it states that to get the numbers they had to use open records.
Typical political wankering. Notice that Sanfelippo used words and phrases like "proposed" and "In advance of his biennial budget plan, expected to be released later". The current budget had been set a a year and a half ago.

I assume Evers didn't want to volunteer this right away, although he knew and expected it would become public.

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