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SCOTUS non partison ?
How does collectivism have to do with anything here ???
You are the one who said the 'it' in question must apply to everyone.
(10-15-2018, 05:38 PM)k.d. Wrote: You are the one who said the 'it' in question must apply to everyone.

How about if change it to every "individual". 

Still don't know how you inferred collectivism into anything I wrote. Not that I have anything against that centuries old institution that has made America great.
America was built on collectivism? Not individualism? Where in gawd's name did you come up with that?
(10-15-2018, 08:00 PM)k.d. Wrote: America was built on collectivism?  Not individualism? Where in gawd's name did you come up with that?

they are not mutually exclusive.
All political systems are dependent upon the generation of mass-minded thinking, to persuade each of us to lose our sense of individuality and responsibility in the collective herd. We condition our minds to accept identities for ourselves, to think of ourselves not as self-directed, self-responsible beings, but as members of various groups, whose interests are not only mutually exclusive, but antagonistic. Whether we identify ourselves by race, religion, nationality, lifestyle, ideology, economic interests, gender, geography, or any other category, we put ourselves into a state of conflict with others. Political systems then promise to protect us from “them,” and most of us are too dull to recognize that our alleged “protectors” are the very ones who induced us to play the games that now threaten us! If you haven’t yet figured out that the events of 9/11 and their aftermath are but extensions of the decades-old politicogenic conflicts manufactured by political systems, then you have been watching too much cable television! *Butler Shafer

Look at the consequences of losing our sense of individuality in collective herds. Events in your daily life should confirm to you that individuals are generally more decent, peaceful, cooperative, loving, and humane than are political collectives. It should be clear to you that all political systems depend upon a modus operandi that is completely contrary to what most of us experience with other individuals; methodologies that none of us would tolerate from friends, associates, or even strangers. Politics attracts and mobilizes the basest qualities of humanity: a penchant for coercion, intimidation, warfare, and deceit; a willingness to destroy others; and an obsession with forcibly controlling the lives of others. *Butler Shafer
Based on your article it looks like Noah left individualists back with the unicorns.
you lost me completely

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