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Stabbed in the back
From Taki:

The main promise of Donald Trump’s 2016’s presidential campaign, the gleaming white carnation on his tailored suit—“We’re going to build a wall, and Mexico is going to pay for it”—will never come true. On Friday, Trump made sure of it.

After a belligerent Friday morning press conference in which the president declared a state of emergency in order to allocate funds to build the wall, on Friday afternoon Trump signed an omnibus bill that ensured the wall would never be built. Not only that, the bill ensures the country will be flooded with more illegal aliens than ever.
Regarding the wall for which Trump had originally demanded $25 billion before backpedaling down to $5.6 billion, the bill doesn’t even deliver what the Democrats had agreed to, which was a puny $1.6 billion. It only allocates $1.375 billion—enough to build about 55 miles of bollard fencing rather than a concrete wall—and it limits construction strictly to the Rio Grande Valley section of the border. And even within that section, construction is prohibited on federal and state lands. Regarding the rest, it requires local authorities—which in South Texas are uniformly Democratic and largely controlled by Mexican drug cartels—to agree to the wall’s construction, which is like asking black people to agree that slavery benefited them. It will never happen.
Section 224(a) of the bill prohibits any illegal alien who is sponsoring an “unaccompanied” minor illegal…or who claims they may, you know, one day sponsor one…or who currently lives with an unaccompanied minor illegal…from being deported. This provides a massive incentive for illegal aliens currently bleeding the public coffers to call up minors from south of the border as little baby human shields against deportation.
The bill Trump signed also allocates a record $3.4 billion for refugee resettlement. It doubles the permissible number of unskilled seasonal workers who can apply for H-2B non-agricultural visas. It reduces the number of border detention beds by 18%. It adds $40 million to a program that moves asylum seekers from the border to the country’s interior, where they are almost always released.

Goodbye, America.
Trump has already built the wall. He said so in his latest MAGA speech. $ 1.3B can build a lot of wall.

We do have an obligation to help the refugees we create.
You really can't see that most of those on our Southern Border are mostly welfare seekers, and criminals?
evidence seems to be contrary
Here's your big chance - provide the evidence.
you made the claim

I should have there is no real evidence to back you claim
If you had a lick of common sense you'd realise that people come here with nothing and expect to be fed , clothed, and housed at taxpayer expense; or that drug cartels sending over drugs are not using US citizens to cross or that any criminal facing charges in his own country is looking to cross over here. Simply look at the fact checked amount of criminals coming over that do harm to our citizens. Trump gave the horrible numbers in his speech and no one could dispute them.
It is out of control and needs to be stopped, or at the very least, slowed down.
So you admit the evidence is anecdotal. Certainly a Trump proclamation at a MAGA rally is not evidence. We should not let criminals in. But this is not about criminals at all.
I'm not against border security, just a stupid wall . Having said that, Trump should thank congress for $ 1.3 B and try again for another $ 1.3B next October. And so on. That would be the right way to do things.

He is also welcome to change asylum laws.
The numbers were in the SOTU and were checked by every news network.
Not this one which was the first one I came too. NPR is one of the lesser biased outlets.

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