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New, New York Abortion Law
Again, what is fake in the 8 points I posted?
It's a little refreshing to know that even you are ashamed of the places you quote on the web.
It's a little refreshing to know you can't come up with anything fake in the Breitbart news report.
Breitbart is not news, period. It's purpose is nothing more than to keep the white nationalist riled up.

Points 1-8 are points, yes. Facts no. The facts are in the law.
Quote:Breitbart is not news, period.

Yer insane.

Those were 8 facts in the law, you moron.

[Image: stranger.jpg?h=ce74869b&itok=Ai6lYZLE]
I'm a moron. I need someone to locate these facts in the code.
Do you think you could find the freedom of speech in the Bill of Rights?
Lame comparison
It would be like someone posting that the 1st amendment "prohibits free exercise". LOL

Omissions and lack of context makes both your fake and ultra fake version false
Gee, if it was fake you should be able to point out one of the 8 things that isn't right. I have asked you three times to give a specific and you haven't. It is clear to see who is fake.

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