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More on the Injun
Nothing happened to the spawn of little people. However it is disgusting that the parents sent their kids off to DC to act this way. Even the coached youngster on TV agreed.
Red (and white) Hats screams " look at me , I'm a little prick" But they might be swell kids as far as we know.
The Black Hebrews acted the pretty much like the "run of the mill" religious zealots we see everyday. It might be problematic that they are black ,though.

The "who's the better veteran" wankoff is pretty much all they got on the injun. At least refrigerator repairmen probably don't kill people.
Teen-age boys will be teen-age boys
Niggers be niggers
Injuns are still beating on drums.
Good Lord !

Quite a concession post !

Can't say that I'm surprised
I am conceding nothing. However, most people who had seen the original short video and have now seen the full video have deleted their nasty tweets and or apologized to the kids. That is the right thing to do. Those kids did absolutely nothing wrong and showed amazing restraint under the circumstances. I applaud them.
Some did retract and apologize. A bit too fast IMO. What restraint did this kids show ? They were obnoxious before and after the stare down. Do you think violence would have been an understandable reaction ?
Clearly you didn't watch the entire video because you don't know what in the hell you are talking about.

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