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Fred Writes the Unspeakable
There you go again with "Science is Racist"
You do know that you and Fred have a vast online record for racial postings ? I think that your attempt to frame this innocently for the purpose of scientific enlightenment might be lost on a few people.

Still nothing scientific to substantiate your baseless claims. What makes it baseless is the purposeful omission of other vitally important information. Your hero asked the reader not to consider that additional information, is that scientific ?. Without that information your claim is patently false. That's not me talking , it's pretty much everybody who has really studied this outdated issue.

Maybe I can end this with a conciliatory admission . I do agree that there are physiological differences in races and genders. We good ?
Quote:You do know that you and Fred have a vast online record for racial postings ?

At least you didn't say 'racist' postings.
I don't understand why Race Realism is so hard for you to accept.

Again, you make all these claims without a source.

Let me make one last point: If I needed a delicate and complicated surgery I would look for an Asian doctor in that field, if I needed a tough smart lawyer I'd look for an Ashkenazi Jew, If I needed lawncare I'd look for a Mexican, if I needed drugs I'd look for a black guy.

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