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Fred Writes the Unspeakable
I told you it was unspeakable. Just  look how upset you are at a guy telling the unspeakable truth. Are you upset because Asians have a higher IQ than you? Or do you think Blacks have the same IQ as you? Think again, buddy. Just look at these two facts presented:
1.)We are accustomed now to the intractable gap between blacks and whites. The gap appears on all tests of cognitive capacity and academic achievement: all of the IQ tests, the SATs, GREs, MCATs, LSATs, ACT, National Merit, AFQT, and others. 
2.). In 2017 in Baltimore there were thirteen high schools in which not a single student tested proficient in math. Customarily this is blamed on poor schools, but every aspect of the Baltimore system, from the mayor to the students is controlled by blacks, and the per-student expenditure is high. Similar results from other cities–Detroit, Chicago–are common, normal, expected.

You have provided not one fact or any evidence for the name-calling of Fred. You simply don't like the truth.
I don't know my IQ, it was never measured. My kid's IQ were never measured. Do you know yours ? Gamers have the highest IQ .

SATs, GREs, MCATs, LSATs, ACT, National Merit, AFQT do not measure IQ. National Merit Society is a club based various "meritorious" endeavors, one would be volunteer work. The others test scores can and do improve each time the individual takes it. Do genes improve with extra study ? LOL. Do only college bound individuals have high IQs ? LOL

Fred "studies" *cough* *cough* have unequivocally been debunked by real geneticists. But I guess, according to Fred, they are just afraid to agree with him. LOL

You have provided ample evidence that Fred is a little fuck. I'm ok with him being racist snot until he uses his non science to want to harm people.

Now the big question , before I hope this offal filled discussion dies.

Is..... why???
Quote:Do only college bound individuals have high IQs ?

No, that's why there is affirmative action. Unfortunately, this hurts Asians more than whites.

One question, yes or no: Do Asians, generally, have a higher intelligence than whites?
Affirmative action is a moldy oldy, pretty sure you don't really know what it means. But anyway, it didn't work well. While it didn't help minorities as a whole, it was an overwelming success for women. It also did NOT hurt anybody. Whites and Asians are as well represented in the workforce and academia as ever. I have had professional dealings with AA.

As far as your question. I have never thought about it. Don't know anybody would. Does it concern you, it so why ?
But to directly answer your question, I would have to say no. I have not had interactions with an Asian where I have felt totally dominated intellectually. But I hang out in euro-centric Wisconsin. Best I can do on that one.
Quote: While it didn't help minorities as a whole, it was an overwelming success for women.

You must be talking Pocahontas here.

What you are saying is that you believe the Earth is flat and there is no noticeable differences in intelligence among the races. Put another way, you believe "Science is Racist". OK. Got it.
What I am saying is that there was no reason on god's green earth for that post. None. Anecdotal musings from folks at the rock bottom of humanity is not science. If there were science you have would pointed it out by now rather than continue with your childishness eg. "Science is Racist"
You have had ample opportunity in this thread to dispute the scientific theory that race and intelligence are connected. You chose instead to try to smear the author with wildly inaccurate mud.
You seem to think his speech should be censored or banned because it is uncomfortable. Unspeakable. Like the saying goes, "Sacred Cows make the best hamburger."
Whose scientific theory ? Fred's LOL
Evidently you missed the research and data in "The Bell Curve".
From a recent Scientific American article:
"He's back. Recent college protests have propelled Charles Murray into the news cycle again, and his resurging book sales show the publicity's not all bad. Attempts to fully discredit his most famous book, 1994's "The Bell Curve," have failed for more than two decades now.
Not a great example, even Murray didn't make the wild claims as the racist fucks do.

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