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A National Emergency that's not an emergency ?
The fact that there are illegal border crossings and asylum seekers is real. It's been real for centuries.

This new level of histrionics that is being displayed is not real. Your tuberculosis comment is a very small example. There is no emergency except maybe to the fragile psyche of the MAGAflakes. Whatever needs to be done can be done judiciously. I have no problem with government shutdowns, but to do so due to a Presidential tantrum is eyerolling. I should be used to that by now, shouldn't I ?
I'm surprised that you're surprised. He ran his campaign on The Wall and he got elected on The Wall and now he is trying to keep his promise on The Wall. Don't you believe in boundaries?
I'm not surprised about the Wall. I'm also not surprised that Mexico is not paying for it. I'm a little surprised that Trump doesn't understand the concept of the equal branches of government. As well as abuse of power. He's not the first though.

We have boundaries.
Unless you have invited illegals to live within your your personal boundaries of your land, please don't invite illegals within the national boundary.

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