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A National Emergency that's not an emergency ?
At least according to Trump.
Was the Wall Shumer & Pelosi built in Jordan an Emergency? I would argue our border security is more important than a wall in Jordan. Wouldn't you agree?
I would not agree at all. How do you view these as similar ?

Did I miss something about that being declared a National Emergency ?
It has become a continuous and growing problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. Some would call that an emergency.
Besides that, How can the jew and the Sataness justify spending money for a wall in Jordan and not security here. And lest not forget, they were all for it when Obama was king and it looked like Hillary, who was also for it, was expected to be queen. Eventually, you are going to have to face the fact that these people are wrong about everything.
We are not at war with Mexico or any of our southern neighbors. There are no warring forces amassing at our border ,nor will there be. How in hell can this be an "emergency" ?

This is not a situation that should be addressed by an authoritarian decree. As you mentioned above, there is UNIVERSAL support for increased border security. This is something a reasonable man could negotiate. However a wall does not necessarily equal border security.

For those who believe Trump, he has said repeatedly stated that illegal border crossings have dropped. Some emergency !
Emergencies do not have to be wars. Why do you think hospitals have Emergency Rooms? California recently declared an emergency with the wildfires, the east coast with hurricanes, etc.

If it becomes a decree the reason will be that Jew boy and Sataness are two of the biggest hypocrites in the government and for no other reason.

Trump is simply wrong about a drop in crossings. It is business as usual for the coyotes and probably worse with the government shutdown.

There was an article today, which I can't find now about the diseases, especially Tuberculosis, they are bringing across.
Trump won't settle for anything less than $ 5.7M. A budget line item amount disagreement is not a "wildfire" of a "hurricane" let alone a justification to call up the military.
Can you say FEMA?
I know more about FEMA than I care to remember. Had some professional (I say that loosely) dealings with them during Katrina. One thing I can say about Katrina, unlike the manufactured border crisis, it was real. I didn't know the Prez was sending FEMA to build the wall, you got a link for that ?
You don't think what is happening at the border is real?

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