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Sandy & the Dems Plans
Raise Fed income tax to 70% for starters.
I don't think the Dem's are planning that at all. Are they in power now ?
You said the " the Dems" plan. The "s" after Dem generally would mean more than one.

We should be used politicians saying stupid shit to fire up their base. Kinda like Trump and the wall or Paul and the gold standard.
There are no capitalists in the Dem party, they are all socialist totalitarians. This is exactly what they do. They call Sandy's plan the cousin to Pocahantos's plan.
What ! Some of the biggest capitalist "motherfuckers" on the planet belong to the Dem party. Do I need to list those ?

What party, which by the way had total control of fed and state governments, shattered world records in deficit socialist spending ?

BTW, you know that Alex and Poca's plans will be DOA don't you.
What you are calling capitalist are congresscreeps taking advantage of insider trading and profitting from war, 'the health of the state'. Yes, both parties are guilty as sin.
I see this morning more of Sandy's party are signing on to her 'Green New Deal'. She is on 60 Minutes tonight, the program that encourages socialists.
Can't say that I wouldn't mind not being forced to drink, eat and breathe deadly crap. But have given up on that fantasy long ago.
Who forces you to eat and drink deadly crap? I though everything was hunky-dory after they got rid of second hand smoke. Those idiots!
mercury, PCBs, metal particles, cow shit, blue green algea to name a few

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