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Pat asks the Question - k.d. - 01-08-2019

While the Democratic Party is celebrating a diversity that insists that the more women, persons of color and gays in leadership ranks, and the fewer white males, the stronger and better the party, has all of America embraced this as an ideal?

Is there no limit to the ideological, political, religious, racial and ethnic diversity a party and nation can tolerate before it comes apart?

RE: Pat asks the Question - j.p. - 01-09-2019

Pat can come out from his safe space. If all was ok in his mind before the election, it still is. Both the GOP and Dem leadership is dominated by christian white males. The Dem party leadership is getting more diverse, but not nearly as diverse as it's members and supporters.

Regarding ideological differences: the overall ideological differences between the parties is rather insignificant. There is new talk about socialism, but that ship sailed decades ago.

Regarding religious differences: there are 2 muslims in congress. How many ? Two you say ? 2 ???.

Regarding Pat's questions:
Dem party: I think it does have the potential to become fractious. But I think lessons have been learned with third parties. So I think the Dems will survive
The nation: If it wasn't a rhetorical question, it was a real dumb one. Ideology, politics, religion and race are what they are. Will be what they will be. Biology and the Constitution guarantees it. It's not a matter of tolerance.

RE: Pat asks the Question - k.d. - 01-09-2019

The question is: Does there come a point where there is too much diversity for a nation to survive? I answer, yes. Look where we are already.

Your statement bout Christians in Congress is just plain wrong. The Chuckie in charge of the Senate is a jew and almost 20% of the rest of them are jews.

In the House, most of Pelosi's important committee chairs are jews and they are overall trouble makers. Then you have the Black Caucus which is infested with pestiferous Muslims.

And the overall problem is, as we saw when Trump said he was getting out of Syria is that, they are all bought off by Israel and Saudi Arabia.

RE: Pat asks the Question - j.p. - 01-10-2019

I don't see that having a few extra women or minorities changed anything. A little bit of youthful exuberance isn't so bad. Remember the so-called "Freedom Caucus" before they became Trumpers ?

Not sure what you mean by "Look where we are already" ? If you mean the rude outbursts by a few Dem newcomers, that is just pure Trumpism. I guess I've been conditioned by the daily Trump bombast. I will agree with you that that crap is sad.

Thank you for reminding me that Jews are not Christians, However they both are members of the Stodgy Old White Men Caucus. Their behavior and voting records are indistinguishable from their old Euro-blended brethren in the perspective parties.

Black Caucus infested with Muslims ? Cmon ! Really ?

RE: Pat asks the Question - k.d. - 01-10-2019

As Democrats took the majority in the House of Representatives last week, they wasted no time in drafting legislation to remake the U.S. Constitution, shifting the rules in their favor. One bill would abolish the Electoral College. Another would make voter registration automatic, repeal voter ID laws, drastically limit free speech in politics, and create a system where the government funds particular candidates — all in one bill!

We had a pretty good run as a country until FDR turned us socialist, Wilson and the Federal Reserve and Lincoln with his Civil war.

RE: Pat asks the Question - j.p. - 01-10-2019

I don't see anything about limiting free speech and of course they can't do anything to the constitution. The other stuff has merit.

RE: Pat asks the Question - k.d. - 01-10-2019

The dems, libs, progressive socialists are always shutting down free speech by calling it 'hate' speech. How's that for nonsense?

RE: Pat asks the Question - j.p. - 01-10-2019

(01-10-2019, 01:03 PM)k.d. Wrote: The dems, libs, progressive socialists are always shutting down free speech by calling it 'hate' speech. How's that for nonsense?

I do agree that the young progs do attempt to stop hate speech, and it is wrong. They are hardly the only group though, just try not standing for the national anthem during a private athletic event. Either way, I don't see a proposed law attempting to limit free speech ??

RE: Pat asks the Question - k.d. - 01-10-2019

Just try telling an uncomfortable truth and see how fast you are knocked down.